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append my email into the list
add some more notes to the wireguard project
bycn82 sponsors wireguard 100USD
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Tochansky Lab mirror shutting down
test the bot
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Add 6.4.0 release
leaf upgrade test wiki
missed break
Add U of Porto at mirrors@uporto.pt mirror
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Update version of gcc present on DragonFlyBSD and Void Linux
add handling of 'etc' and 'etc.hdd'
add missing pwd_mkdb(8) step and also remove user 'installer'
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improve formatting a bit
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Change Dragonfly Digest feed to grab only stuff in dragonfly category
Add daftaupe to the team page
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Update download links for 6.4
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Refer to gitweb for the commits shortlog
Mark 6.4.0 as released
fix typo gnull gnu11
Finished commit logs pass for this release
Update through July 1st 2022
RWTH Aachen no longer mirrors DF, via email from Carsten Otto
Minor fixes
Reduce to at most a week of Digest links.
Modify expireage for Digest links so that old ones don't show.
Change links to https
Added link to a rEFInd theme with DragonFlyBSD logo
Fixup release date
Add 6.2.2 release
Update md5 checksums for 6.2.2 image
Update links to 6.2.2 image
Note 6.2.2
6.2.2 note and link to tag commit
Updated rss feed for Jenkins builds
Increasing age on Jenkins rss links cause they aren't necessarily daily
Add recent Jenkins builds rss links to box
Clean up layout of feed aggregate statements
Add Jenkins statement and instructions
fixed misplaced @build in fstab, changed /build/usr.distfiles to /mnt/build/usr.distfiles
README.synclog.md has been replaced by synclog.json
Update details for Samsung laptop
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modernize use of gpt, newfs
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Added mirror sandyriver.net
fix meta title
DragonFly as a KVM guest
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dports: suggest to use the AUTO repo
mirrors: insert two subsections to look clearer
mirrors: describe the AUTO mirror at pkg.dragonflybsd.org
mirrors: some formatting improvements
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Removed groff and mandoc update steps. Groff gone, mandoc automated.
Add 6.2.1 release & fixup release date (fixes typo in prev commit message)
Add 6.0.0 release
Release notes are linked here too
Missed a .0 -> .2 change in link text
Missed a .0 -> .2 change
Update for 6.2.1, link to release page
unambiguous date style
Remove "do not link" note, updated release date
updated links
6.2.1 changes, updated md5s
add nvmm doc link and various formatting improvements