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DragonFly Projects

This is an off-shoot of the main ProjectsPage intended to house more bizarre projects and concepts. It should be noted that if you decide to implement one of these projects, even if you do an amazing job, it is entirely likely that it will never be committed to the main source repository. If you intend your work to be committed, please discuss your plans with the DragonFly community at large on the public mailing lists before you make a significant investment in your work.

Please feel free to add projects to this page, or annotate existing project ideas with your own thoughts.

Kernel projects

Code generation hooks in the build system

On-disk / Over-the-wire structure codegen + CAPS

Asynchronous system call framework


Allocator meta-madness

Opt-in userland thread scheduler

Make the use of XIO pervasive

Evaluate/Improve Context Switching Performance